Wax Melts Mini Snap COFFEE CREMA

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Snap Bars are a convenient and economical wax melt, you just snap off a square or two, as you would a chocolate bar.

Our mini snaps - a smaller version of our traditional snap bar allows you to try new scents at a lower cost. Also see our wax tarts/cups serving as scent samplers which you will find in our store. 

Mini snap bar approx 130mm x 50mm - 1 bar in tissue wrap
Simply pop a shape into your melt burner for a beautifully scented home.


Bright Coffee Berry + Fresh Espresso Grounds + Espresso

Choose from our unique range of transparent pearl melt burners and 6 or 10 packs of 24g deep tealights to accompany your wax melts. Or combine for the perfect gift! The fragrances dispersed throughout your home when using wax melts is a truly sensory and uplifting experience.