Tea Light Candles Deep European Extended Burn Time Bulk Bag of 25

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Tea light candles are essential to any home.  Our tea light candles are deep pot European style candles with an extended burn time, presented in a beautifully branded calico, drawstring bag. This bag can be recycled for your candles, or it can be recycled as any style of carrying bag. 

These hand-poured, coconut wax tea light candles are handcrafted and produced by Soul Sister Products in unscented and uncoloured form for use with melt burners and wax melts.

Our branded calico bags hold a bulk amount of 25, perfectly wicked tea light candles.

Our deep pot casing holds 24g of coconut wax with pure soy, offering soot free, clean-burning candles.  Cheaper tea light candles are in fact shallow, and usually made with paraffin wax and hold less than half the amount of wax in our deeper European pots. This affects air quality, burn time and overall candle quality.

If you are purchasing tealights to use with an oil burner for scented wax melts, purchase this type of unscented tea light candle.

Our waxes are free from petroleum by-products, paraffin and mineral oils.

Wicks are metal-free and made from paper and cotton braiding.

These tea-lights burn for 7+ hours, but please watch your candles towards the end and extinguish the flame with a wick dipper or candle snuffer at the last centimetre.  Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time. Trim the wick with wick trimmers before relighting. Do not let the candle burn down to the end of the container or jar, this poses a fire hazard. This applies to all candles.

Please refer to our page on Candle Care.