Tea light Candles Pack of 6 Scented White Tea & Ginger

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Tea light candles, both unscented or scented, coloured for decorative effect and holding outstanding fragrance, are essential to any home. Scented and coloured tea light candles are produced by Soul Sister Products in unscented and scented form.

Available in packs of six, presented in a gift box.

Our scented tea light candles are in a polycarbonate casing which is clear, and the wax is delicately coloured to suit and enhance the decorative effect and attributes of the scent.


Bergamot + White Tea Blossoms + Ginger + Peppercorn

If you are purchasing tea light candles to use with an oil burner and wax melts, purchase the unscented variety of tea light available here.


Our tealight candles are hand poured and crafted with our natural coconut and soy wax.  Wicks are metal free and made with cotton braid.

These tea light candles have a clean burn of 5+ hours (please do not burn these tea light candles for 5 hours straight), but please watch your candles at all times and extinguish the flame with a wick dipper or candle snuffer at the last centimetre.  Do not burn candles more than 3 hours. Do not let the candle burn down to the end of the vessel. This applies to all candles.