Natural Soy Candle Grapefruit & Patchouli

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Grapefruit and Patchouli soy wax candle, handcrafted and hand poured, scented soy wax.

Qualities and characteristics of invigorating brightness from white grapefruit providing a light, uplifting scent combined with patchouli lending stress relief properties.

Warm notes of earth moss round off the base and will burn in cycles up to 45 + hours.

Hardened wax & vessel have a mass of approx 420g.

Volume 270mL. 

Measurements- Height: 90mm; Diameter (top): 78mm.

Candles are hand poured to approx 1/2" from the rim.  Small inconsistencies may occur due to the human nature inherent in hand pouring.

Please refer to the page on 'Candle Care' for information on caring for your candle, wax & wick.  These details are important for safety and enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products candle.