Four Scented Pure Beeswax Candles English Freesia Small Candles Luxury Gift Box

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Four scented pure beeswax candles fragranced with English Freesia. These lovely small candles lay snugly and individually fitted in a black-lined luxury gift box of white with gold accents.

These have been given time to cure and exude the fabulous properties of beeswax, with a hint of musk balancing a mixed floral bouquet aroma. 

These handcrafted artisan candles have been hand-poured, individually wicked, and have undergone testing, for the perfect clean, slow burn. Our guidelines of wick and scent suitability testing to each unique candle vessel or new fragrance is but one of the hallmarks of our business. 

For the beeswax purists, there is one black candle left unscented and is used for ambience and the properties of beeswax.  

60+ hours of burn time. 

Beeswax is noted for dispersing negative ions pulling dust and microbes downwards towards the floor where they can then be vacuumed or wiped up during household cleaning.

Candle glass measurements - 55mm x 64mm H

Volume: 65mL

Please refer to the page on 'Candle Care' for information about how to care for your candles and wick. These details are important for the safety and enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products candle gift set.