Royal Mirror Footed Candle Tray with Metal Rim

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Made from metal, this mirrored tray is a practical yet elegant decorative accessory for your home.

Its stylish design - the mirrored top, surrounded by the detail metal rim and feet lends a sense of drama and space expansion that reflective glass gives to such a piece. Placing candles or flowers on it will enhance the look of the display given its mirrored base and ornate rim.

Flaunt it anywhere in the home - the versatility of this piece comes as much from its dramatic good looks as it does from its practicality. Trays have a wonderful decor value as they can be used for many different purposes and can bring together a collection of objects with style and flair. Particularly suited to the candle lover, it will transform your candle space with style.

Measurements - 20cm x 17cm x 3cm