Reed Diffuser with Fragrance Oil Bourbon & Leather

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This luxury home reed diffuser is presented in an elegant white glass vessel with gold accents and uses a thick dispersing reed to move scent molecules throughout the room. There is an elegant gold stopper if you want to put away your diffuser.

After reading these usage notes, give the vessel a gentle rotational movement, allow the liquid to settle and then remove the gold stopper. Gently insert the black reed into the scented liquid. You can moisten the entire length of reed by flipping over after the first half is soaked in fragrant liquid, giving you a full length scented reed to begin your addiction to this reed style of scent diffusing system.

The reed expertly disperses fragrance throughout the room. After the initial flip, wait one (1) week and thereafter flip the reed weekly. This allows freshened dispersion of scent molecules. This amazing reed capillary action diffuser set will last 6 + months.

It is packaged in a stylish white gloss box with gold side panels, magnetic closure and inlaid with velvet style, black partitions for each piece to fit snugly. 

A luxury decor and fragrance item delivering exceptional value. Styled white and gold is clean line elegance, making a special and unique gift.

The Scent - Bourbon & Leather

Oak-aged Bourbon + Dark Leather + Nutmeg + Patchouli + Vetiver

 White gloss glass vessel measurements

H - 110mm; Diameter (widest point) - 80mm; Diameter (narrowest point) - 45mm; Diameter (opening) - 15mm.

Reed measurements

Diameter - 13mm; Length - 200mm.

White and Gold gloss box measurements

Length - 230mm; Width - 142mm; Depth - 96mm.


Do not bend reed. This reed draws up diffuser and scent molecules by capillary action.

Do not place any part of your diffuser in a dishwasher.

Use warm, soapy water to wash and a clean cloth to dry.  You can turn the vessel upside down to drip out washing water. 

It would be best to place your diffuser on a protective surface if you are using precious furniture.  Place at a height of safety, away from children & pets.  Keep away from flames.  For extra safety, do not burn your candles near this diffuser. 

Do not leave your diffuser in sunlit areas of the home. This will dry out the diffuser liquid and scent.

Do not place near windy areas, or curtains, or where your diffuser can be spilled. If there is skin contact, rinse under running cold water for at least 10 minutes. If irritation persists, see your doctor. Do not touch this product to your eyes or mucous membranes (mouth, inner nose).

Exquisite scent ~ Elegant decor