Limited Edition Organic Cilantro and Lime Scented Soy Candle

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This Limited Edition Organic Cilantro and Lime scented soy candle is a sumptuous blend of tantalising citrus lime, with herbal notes of organic cilantro delicately blended with sultry orris root. A wonderfully light top note of clipped Earl Grey leaves delights the senses and rounds out with a lasting base of white musk. Organic Cilantro and Lime envelops our pure soy wax in artisan style. 

Organic Cilantro and Lime

Earl Grey Tea + Lime + Orris Root + Cilantro + Musk

The perfect mid-morning candle fragrance. 

Burn time ~ 45 + hours

Mass ~ 420g

Dimensions ~ 78mm D; 90mm H

Please refer to the information set out for safety and enjoyment of your candle.  Candle care is important for safety and enjoyment of your limited edition candle.

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