Natural PURE Soy Scented Candle BLACK ORCHID MUSK

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This black gloss candle with dust protective lid is one of our every day 'evening' candles. Crafted from natural pure soy and hand poured, this scented candle of Black Orchid Musk has a seductive blend of aromatic florals, golden musk and earthen wood notes.

Perfect for 'date night' the sultry earth notes of teakwood and musk bring restoration of togetherness with the tantalising heart notes of exotic florals to stimulate the senses and awaken your soul.


Dark Plum + Black Orchid + Musk + Oudh + Teakwood


  • Burn time ~ 40 + hours
  • Mass ~ 420g
  • Volume ~ 270mL
  • H: 90mm
  • D: 78mm

Please refer to the page on 'Candle Care' for information on caring for your candle, wax & wick.  These details are important for safety and enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products candle.