Natural Coconut Wax Christmas Candle Champagne and Strawberry

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Natural coconut wax makes a spectacular Christmas candle with Christmas fragrance Champagne and Strawberry to waft through the festive season. The perfect addition to your luxury range of candles and a statement glass jar for repurposing. 

This is a heavier style, double wick Christmas candle gift with a clean burning natural wax. Frosted exterior with classic gold interior gives understated luxury and style to your interiors.

  • 2 cotton braid wick
  • stylish gold lid
  • natural coconut wax with soy
  • plant based and cruelty free
  • 50 + hours burn time

Champagne and Strawberry

Chardonnay Grape + Rose + Chandler Strawberry + Amber

  • ~ 820g gross
  • ~ 390mL volume
  • H 105mm 
  • D 95mm
Please refer to 'Candle safety' for clear information on

caring for your candle, wax & wick.

These details are important for safety and full enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products candle.