Wax Melts and Essential Oils Burner Metallic Gold

Wax Melts and Essential Oils Burner Metallic Gold

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This special range of melt and/or oil burners present in a range of bright and sunny metallic colours.  They are the perfect accompanying decor for our wax melts and coconut wax with soy tea light candles. As home decor they make a dramatic impact no matter where you place them.

Our metallic range is available in 4 slick colours -

  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Hot Pink
  • Metallic Rose Gold

To use these you'll need wax melts and tea light candles so head over to our Wax Melts page and our Tea Light Candles page where you can choose packs of 6 or 10 candles. These are unscented and hand poured with coconut and soy wax. They are 24g deep, recyclable aluminium casing tea light candles.

These elements described above, can all be combined for the perfect personalised gift. A sturdy, striking box filled with all the delights of wax melting. 

The fragrances dispersed throughout your home when using wax melts is an uplifting and restorative experience. Invigorate and refresh or wind down and relax into a calming evening, afternoon or weekend. You deserve the best!

Please refer to our 'Melt Burner Care' information page for safety and care tips and tricks when using these products to maintain them in good condition, maximising usage and burn time.

Melt capacity: Approx ~ 40g
Burner Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm
Glass Weight: 150g