Melt and Oil Burner Brass with Cutout Detail and Removable Bowl

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A gorgeous brass wax melt burner to use in your home with our range of wax melts and tealights. A perfect gift for housewarming, bridesmaids, mothers day and birthdays.

This high quality and stunning brass melt burner has a detailed body and a removable, deep top bowl for convenience. Place your tealight in the bottom of your burner after removing the bowl. Fill your bowl with your favourite wax melts or essential oils (and water). It is a gorgeous little burner, and will transform your home fragrance or candle space.

Wax melts are available in store in a wide range of beautiful scents, shapes and sizes.
We also have 6 and 10 packs of tea light candles as well as our pre-bundled Melt Burner Essentials Gift Box which includes everything you need to fill your home with beautiful aromas.

Measures approx. -
Body - 65mm high x 60mm depth at bottom.
Bowl - 65mm wide x 30mm depth of bowl.
Overall height with bowl on top is approx 90mm.