Natural Coconut Wax Gold Frosted Candle Japanese Honeysuckle

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Brilliant patterned glass, natural coconut wax, gold frosted candle with a defining gold lid is hand poured and scented with creamy floral musk Japanese Honeysuckle fragrance. The perfect addition to your luxury range of candles and a statement glass jar for repurposing or place the vessel in your candle space as home decor. 

This is a heavier, double wicked luxury candle, giving you a long burn time and a beautiful scent.


  • 50+ hours burn time
  • 2 cotton braid wick
  • Gold embellished lid
  • Sustainable coconut wax 
  • Plant based and cruelty free

 Japanese Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle flowers | Vanilla | Ambrosia Honey | Musk

Classic lines and curves form a pattern which captures the eye. Frosted exterior glass patterns with a classic gold interior exudes understated luxury for your interior styling.

Repurpose and reduce landfill by using your candle jar as a patio or window ledge herb pot, makeup brush pot, art brushes and pencils jar with myriad other options.


  • Gross weight ~ 820g.
  • Net weight ~ 375g
  • H 105mm 
  • D 95mm.

Please refer to 'Candle safety' for clear information on caring for your candle, wax & wick. These details are important for safety and enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products candle.