Himalayan Spa Blend Foot Soak

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Himalayan Salts are known to detoxify our bodies and release pent up stress through complex mechanisms. A reputed 84 minerals within the salts contributes to this process.

Magnesium sulphate and sodium bicarbonate also contribute to a stress relieving experience through absorption. Rid yourself of tiredness, fatigue, stress in addition to muscular aches and pains with the use of these blended compounds. 

Peppermint is well known as a super refreshing essential oil with restorative benefits and blends well with many essential oils. Essential oil blends may contribute to relaxation, soothing of stress and emotions and can revive and invigorate. Lavender may assist with sleep and relaxation. Your inner voice knows best. If you are drawn to lemon and peppermint instinctively, then that is probably what your body needs. Feel yourself becoming run down and clogged up? Choose the invigoration and clearing properties of eucalyptus and lemon. Cedarwood is excellent when you need to feel grounded and settled, calm and less scattered in your thoughts. Rose Geranium can assist with anxieties, uplift your mood and balance your emotions. Rosemary may help with memory recall and is used often at moments of grief. Rosemary has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peach kernel oil is the carrier oil and provides moisture and hydration properties with nutritive skin conditioning properties of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

We recommend 1 -2 foot soaks with this size. Use warm water in a bucket or spa bath for feet and soak for 20 - 30 minutes or as tolerated. Sit comfortably and make it a whole of body experience inhaling the aroma of your chosen essential oil blend. 

Towel dry your feet and finish with moisturising butter whips or creams, slip into socks and leave for 1-2 hours for baby soft feet.