Mint & Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser Mist Spray 250mL family size

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MINT & TEA TREE hand sanitiser mist spray 250mL family size.
Formulated to sanitise at 70% v/v ratio. Blended with skin softening and conditioning ingredients to maintain supple skin whilst sanitising multiple times per day, in the absence of soap and water, or use the spray for added convenience.

Tea Tree, Peppermint blended expertly with refreshing citrus oils. Some citrus oils can cause photo sensitivity, so use your sunscreen all the time!

* 250mL is perfect for the office hand sanitising station too. 

Natural compounds with stress relieving and mood-elevating power combine with the remarkable antiseptic properties of White Thyme and Tea Tree oils.

Aloe vera gel and natural vitamin E oil provide protection from the drying effects of pure alcohol. The essential oil blend contributes to keeping inflammation at bay, maintaining soft, hygienic hands.

The mist spray bottle is perfect for spritzing all areas of your fingers, nails, and hands. Don't forget to rub around the wrist area and rub with your nails and nail bed to ensure you reach cracks and crevices in your hands, and catch beneath your nails together with your cuticles. 

100mL purse or travel size also available.

* Always read the label before use.

* Always follow directions and adhere to precautions as stated.