Hand Sanitiser Purse Size Mist Spray 100mL Lavender & Rose Geranium Travel Sanitiser

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Lavender & Rose Geranium hand sanitiser mist spray is formulated to sanitise at a 70% v/v ratio and is also formulated with skin softening and conditioning ingredients, to maintain supple skin whilst sanitising multiple times per day in the absence of soap and water.

Lavender and rose geranium oils are blended with a painstakingly chosen and tested formula with a base, heart notes and top notes. Lavender and Rose Geranium with citrus and spice are anti-inflammatory, soothing to skin and play a role in cell renewal with potent antioxidant activity. Releasing compounds which control and halt/slow down the ageing process they  relax the senses whilst sanitising on the go, providing effective, fast acting protection.

Refreshing aloe vera gel and natural vitamin E oil provide protection from the drying qualities of pure alcohol.

The essential oil blend contributes to keeping inflammation at bay and maintaining supple and soft, hygienic hands.

The mist spray bottle is perfect for spritzing all areas of your fingers, nails and hands. Don't forget to rub around the wrist area too, as well as in between the fingers and finger nail areas. Sing Happy Birthday once and you'll be on track to the correct timing of a good hand wash or hand rubbing with your mist spray. 

The 100mL size is convenient in your purse, car, desk or on the go.

The 250mL home or office size is also available and suited to larger spaces in the home or office, where more people can make use of it.

Always read the label before use.

Always follow directions and adhere to precautions as stated.

Alcohol products are to be kept away from flames. 

Keep away from children and pets.