All Natural Candle Soy & Coconut Wax Scented Fragrance Oil Red Berry Sangria

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All natural candles, handcrafted locally in Melbourne, designed to fragrance your home and bring soft ambience. All natural soy & coconut wax, scented with berries and spice fragrant oil Red Berry Sangria is as delightfully fresh as the name suggests. Natural waxes without additives ensure a clean burn, soot free candle  experience. 

Our Black Candle Collection consists of a fragrance range in black gloss glass with a dust protector matching lid. Presented in a classic black box with fragrance information on the rear panel.

Red Berry Sangria

Vine Fruits + Rose + Nutmeg + Star Anise

An exquisite scent inspiring qualities of freshness and joy.

Burn time ~ 45 + hours

Total mass ~ 420g.

Volume ~ 270mL. 

H ~ 90mm; D ~ 78mm.

Please refer to the information on how to manage elements of the candle, wax & wick.  These details are important for safety and enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products candle.

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