About Us

Soul Sister Products is a Melbourne based home fragrance and decor business. We specialise in handcrafted, quality wax candles and artisan wax melts.

Popular accessories include melt burners in a variety of contemporary designs and candle accessories, which are indispensable to the candle lover.

We offer an improvement within the candle industry by using raw ingredients which produce a cleaner burn and indoor air environment.

We bring unique style and design to wax art with Snap Bars, Mini Snaps and wax shapes.

Our fragrances are phthalate and paraben free and our waxes are petroleum by-product free.

We produce our designs in small batches, concentrating on quality and creativity.

Some of our wax melts are made with essential oils which bring nature inside your home. This enhances aroma and mood. You can choose to relax and rest or perk up and invigorate, the choice is yours.

Once you have had the clean burning aroma of our wax melts and candles, you will immediately point out petroleum grease and toxic chemicals which are added to cheap candles and wax melts.  You may have experienced the headaches and nausea that these candles produce.  Phthalates and parabens are everywhere - nail polish, face creams, candles, lipsticks and other cosmetics.  More and more small businesses are trying to change this.

Our online range will expand over time but we have begun to make personalised candles for your special occasions.  These are small Travel Tin candles and can be personalised to your specific requirements of design and colour.

Soul Sister Products also works in a corporate capacity for gifting occasions and promotional campaigns. We also offer a range of products for personalised party and event gifting.

Soul Sister Products is a customer-centric business therefore we welcome feedback and are committed to keeping the doors of communication open. 

Sign up to our email club so that you're ahead of special offers, information and product launches.  When you are in the email club you may be offered special launch prices before the public launch in addition to other membership offers, so please enter your email address in the box on the front page. 

We look forward to building business relationships with you over the coming years and will always strive to be of value.
Joanne & Christine xx