About Us

Soul Sister Products specialises in personalised candles for party favours and milestone events. Gift packaged candles in a vast range of fragrances and stylish label designs can also be customised to accompany our existing range of wax and accessory products. 

We formulate our personal care products from the perspective of a creative form of aromatics and the science of chemistry. Try our carefully crafted hand sanitisers to see and feel for yourself. Bath and personal care products are also formulated by us, never outsourced. We promise you will love the way they feel on your skin! For 2021, we have planned the release of new bath and body products. We hope you're as excited as we are to be creating them for you.

We offer a unique perspective and service within our vibrant and expanding Melbourne candle industry, through the application of experience and expertise acquired over many years. We apply this knowledge to the complex, combined art and science of candle making. Raw materials such as cotton, coconut wax and pure soy, which produce a clean burn and a soot-free indoor environment are used in our candle making.

We bring unique style, form and design to wax melt art with fragrant wax melt Snap Bars, Mini Snaps and small floral design wax melt shapes, all of which scent your home for many hours each day.  

We love getting to know each and every one of you, so please do follow us here by receiving our newsletter and by popping onto this website every now and again, especially when you crave an aromatic treat. 

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We look forward to a wonderful relationship. Stay safe and be well, happy and calm.

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