Wax Melts Flower Shapes Pack of 8 VANILLA CASHMERE gift box wax melts highly scented

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Our wax melts flower shapes are a stylish, but still cute addition to our boxed wax melt gift | personal use range. These gift box wax melts come in a pack of 8 and is highly scented. These black gift boxes are sturdy and perfect for keeping your wax melts beside your burner and the lid keeps scent in and debris out! They are super stylish for home and make a beautiful, scented gift.

Value +++ with 30 + hours of scent per box and that's being conservative. 

Simply pop a shape or two into your melt burner for a beautifully scented space.


Floral Bouquet + Vanilla Bean + Sandalwood + Teak

* Choose from our unique range of transparent pearlised colours melt burners, brass burners and metallic burners in a range of vibrant colours to use your box of wax melts.

* 6 or 10 pack gift box of 24g deep pot, aluminium casing tea light candles to accompany your wax melts. We also have bags of bulk tea light candles. 

Combine all elements see our Wax Melt Essentials Box

The fragrances dispersed when using wax melts is a truly sensory and uplifting experience which is not matched by candles.  Candles have a much softer and subtle scent throw.