The Vanilla Collection | Pure Soy Wax Silver Candle Set

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This beautiful luxury gift set of pure soy wax scented candles is presented in 3 miniature sparkling silver glass container candles, each of a different sweet and decadent vanilla fragrance blend -

  • French Vanilla
  • Vanilla Bean & Raspberry
  • Vanilla & Sandalwood

They have been slowly and delicately hand poured for the perfect soot free, clean burn allowing you to enjoy only the luscious aromas of these decadently vanilla variation candles. 

Our pure soy candles are handcrafted and are free from paraffin, while our fragrances are free from phthalates and parabens.  

Wicks are free from zinc and lead and braided with paper and cotton.  They are made rigid by dipping in vegetable wax allowing them to stand tall without bend.

This Vanilla Collection Gift Set of lovely silver glass candles is luxuriously presented in a black gift box representing style, elegance and flair. The gift box features a magnetic closure strip and black velvet.

Exterior dimensions of each vessel: 55mm D x 64mm H

Vessel Maximum Capacity: 65mL

Please refer to the page on 'Candle Care' for information on how to care for your candle, wax & wick. These details are important for safety and enjoyment of your Soul Sister Products' candle.